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    Too late to late-reg?

    I've noticed that more players tend to late-reg than to start from the beginning.I do to sometimes, but when do you think is too late to late-reg?
    30 BB? 20 BB? 10 BB?!?!?!
    Just seems crazy to...
  2. Netgear Router Support posted by aman97x @ Mon, 23 Apr 2018 06:19:43 +0000

    Netgear Router Support
    Belkin Router Support
    D-Link Router Support
    Cisco Router Support

    Netgear Router Support
    Belkin Router Support
    D-Link Router Support
  3. MATH:: How to use Standard Deviation to find Bankroll needs? posted by angusram @ Mon

    Thank you guys for the advice! I use math not only in this way, but I like to do my research papers with math. But guys that described in...
  4. Threads13 Plays : 4 Tables of 25NL - Part 2 posted by qamar110 @ Mon, 23 Apr 2018 06:

    Thanks for the marvelous posting. I actually enjoyed reading it.
    I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back later in life soon.
    minitab 17 product key
  5. Poker Pros = SUPER FREAKS, hereís why

    Yeh, yeh, yeh, this isnít a put down, itís a compliment. Ok so letís get the anomaly out of the way every so often some recreational bozo takes down a big tournament, fantastic you made more than you...
  6. Play chips vs real money cash games - big difference?

    Is there anyone here who has played a lot of play money cash games and a lot of real money cash games? How do they compare? Is play money comparable to the lowest micro stakes real money tables or is...
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    changing HUD settings .

    i have this problem many months! i can't change my HUD o setting because everytime i try do to that HM crashes! and i have to shut down the program.
    every time i try to change iwhen i click "apply"...
  8. Back to Books: The Theory of Poker (Sklansky)

    I read The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky several years ago. Other than the fundamental theorem of poker (simplified: playing the hand as perfectly as if you could see all cards), I -vaguely-...
  9. Anyone having trouble downloading BOL site?

    I have been using BOL's flash plug in on my laptop until today. It started acting squirrely...going round and round so I figured maybe my Java was outdated. Well, I updated that and now I can't...
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    Watching Geoff Gross Stream

    Deep run in Sunday 10 million anniversary very entertaining thoughts guys?:fight::fight::fight::fight::fight::fight::fi ght:
  11. Tourney M color not working .

    I am setting color in the Stats appearance for tourney M but every time I save and go back in, it has set them all to Off again.
    ANy ideas what to do to solve this?
  12. $Freeroll NLHE MTT: Was this movement okay?

    I was playing a cardschat freeroll, 66 in big blind, I had 7 BB, my move was fine, or I could expect a better hand.

    Thanks and GL:
  13. $Freeroll NLHE MTT: Playing QJs on a Freeroll, what do you think about this move ?

    Here is a hand from a freeroll on ACR earlier this evening. What do you think about this play ?

    Winning Poker Network (Yatahay) - 125/250 NL - Holdem - 9 players
    Hand converted by PokerTracker...
  14. £30 NLHE MTT Turbo: bubble stage short stack shove decision with JJ facing open

    Live satellite turbo structure, 15 mins clock
    Top 14 players got paid £220 equivalent ticket and 15th got £71

    Remaining players:18

    9 players at my table

    UTG ~13 BB
    UTG +1, ~35BB, TAG,...
  15. Is raising all in 2 aggressive with top pair?

    Hero in CO with KJ calls 7bbs from third seat on J23 flop. Turn is 6 and raised to 16 bbs. Raise to 70bbs all in?
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    888 Treasure Hunt problem

    Just a waring to anyone who is taking part in the 888 Treasure Hunt promotion, after emails going back and forth they have finally admitted there was a fault in the 19th April promotion and their...
  17. Are You Afraid Of Chip Leader?

    I was playing hot 600 gtd 55c buy in and late registration was almost finishing when suddenly I was removed from one table to another in which was the chip leader.The chip leader was eliminating...
  18. Looking for ClubWPT affiliate contact


    Anybody have affiliate contact info for ClubWPT? The website ( hasn't worked in months.
  19. HELP! Make $10 in 5 min have ACR or BCP account and paypal


    I send $60 to your paypal you send $50 to my BCP player accout
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    bet online down?

    dose anyone know if betonline is down haven't been able to get on allday and for the few mis I was on it said only 46 players online ?? any insight on this be great
  21. A smartphone, tablet or laptop, what do you prefer ?

    How often do you use your smartphone to play poker?
    Personally, I use my smartphone very rarely.
    I am convinced, that playing on a laptop is much better than on a smartphone.
    In addition, I have...
  22. Nuevos y emocionantes actualizaciones - 20 vueltas libres en Miami Club Casino

    Nuevos y emocionantes actualizaciones - 20 vueltas libres en Miami Club Casino

    Miami Club Casino ahora estŠ...
  23. No Wagering Required - Get 20% Cashback Playing Mobile Casino Games At Casino Extreme

    Play Mobile Casino Games Get 20% Cashback At Casino Extreme!!

    Deposit any amount at Casino Extreme...
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    pokerstars update

    Hello everyone, I just entered the poker stars and I see that there is a new update; Actually, it has disarmed me because it is heavier and the filters do not work as they should.
    Really a...
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    Stages of the game

    In tournaments I prefer this tactic:
    In the early stages, I play a premium card
    I just want to at least double my bank before the next stage.
    At the middle stage, I try to collect a cunning and...
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