Have you ever thought of doing this Bryan?
I play at a few solid but non-accredited casinos that I would rate very highly, but the thought occurred to me... "what would their rating be on Casinomeister?"
Despite the content of my first thread here where I questioned your rating of 32Red, I do value and respect your opinion and your ratings here

I also understand why you only review casinos that are on-board here, but you couldn't be contractually obliged not to review other casinos, right? Whilst having a lot of influence and respect in the online gaming world, you're not an official entity as such, so would I at least be right in saying you could rate non-accredited casinos if you so wished? You wouldn't really be stepping on anyone's toes so to speak.

I'm just curious. I'd love to know how casinos like BetVictor and paf (to name a couple) would stand up against the big boys here

Or perhaps you yourself are not actually allowed to talk about casinos that aren't directly affiliated with the website?