We are writing you to let you know that you no longer qualify for our bonuses offered by All British Casino.

This decision has been made after analysing your account. We have noticed that you only play at All British Casino when there is a bonus offer. This is of course possible and you have been given the chance to do so. However, the main reason for All British Casino to offer you bonuses is an indirect compensation and to offer extra (recreational) play time. Due to the fact that the proportion of your received bonuses vs successful deposits is above 50% we can no longer offer you future bonuses or free spins.

We analyse accounts every month. If you wish to participate in our bonus offers in the future we kindly advice you to try your luck at All British Casino more often. When the proportion of received bonuses vs successful deposits goes down to an acceptable level (below 20%) we will enable your account to receive bonuses.

With kind regards,


Why wouldn't I play with a bonus? I have at least 20 site where I regularly play.
Since I make deposits on a daily basis, a bonus from one of my regular sites is bound to be more attractive, than a straight deposit.
and if playing through 35x WR isn't 'extra (recreational) play time' I don't know what is