So I have made 100 consecutive losing deposits - that is made over 100 deposits without a withdrawal though I have been ahead here and there - fair enough?

Thing is, my last 20 deposits I'm lucky to hit a bonus round and if I do it is a small miracle if it pays 20 xbet.
Generally I'm getting between 45% and 65% RTP off these deposits - it's crazy.
I can spin 50 spins without returning more than my bet back.
I've gone 3 consecutive deposits without winning more than x5 bet on a spin!
Deposit, after deposit, after deposit, different casinos, same result.

This is bullshit man, no way can you get these crazy returns endlessly without the TRTP being lowered.
In all my years online and over millions of spins the last 2 months play at Net Ent have been unprecedented.

But is it just me?
Surely if the TRTP really had been lowered other players would of been affected?
Maybe I'm just having an impossible nightmare run a few thousand light-years outside natural deviation?

so if you play a lot and Net Ent regularly how have they played for you?
I'm assuming normally otherwise I would of expected to see another thread up by now.

If I hit 5,000 time bet win maybe I can get my RTP toward expected values, hmmmm maybe one is on the way.