Hello people, I'm at my wits end.

My brother has a history of gambling problems, and opened an account with a Casino Rewards casino called Golden Tiger. He proceeded to take 250 from my card and gamble it, having looked into it now it offers "bonuses" for 5 deposits. Which is what happened, he took 5 sums from me and as such frittered it away. The casino has no secure transaction process such as Verified By Visa which I am registered with to stop such instances occurring. He ran up 12000 of debts and as such my family have spent the past 12 months paying his debts off, he's not allowed any form of bank account, driving licence or ID because he'll clearly just take it to get more money.

The situation is that they keep asking for his ID, I've tried everything I can, all we found was a library card from his college. The problem is our family is destitute and have nothing, I am the main money maker and have told this to their "risk management team" who keep making me run through hoop after hoop asking for his ID. I have no possible way of getting any ID as he is not allowed anything given his history of gambling.

I spent 45 minutes desperately on the phone, upset, angry and pleading with them to try and see it from my perspective. To say "annabelle" couldn't care less would be an understatement. It's very easy for them to help me out, we have no money and he is the reason.

I need help getting my money back, and am feeling low, the kind of low where youre thinking about doing something stupid because it's not worth going on in this state.

Mr. Brindle