Warwick Estates Property Management Handicap (Div 1)
(3yo+, 1m 4f, Class 6, 13 runners)
Going: Standard

1 (13) Nouvelle Ere 21 T:A W Carroll J:George Downing Form: 596048 Age: 4 Weight: 9-10ht
2 (8) Osgood 13 T:G L Moore J:Jason Nuttall Form: 00/0038- Age: 8 Weight: 9-10v
3 (2) Fine Tune (IRE) 11 T:Mrs L C Jewell J:R Havlin Form: 080-9 Age: 4 Weight: 9-7
4 (6) Layla's King 12 T C Griffiths J:Harry Bentley Form: 96/4333 Age: 7 Weight: 9-5
5 (12) Mighty Thor 94 T:Mrs L Richards J:Charles Bishop Form: 75456/ Age: 5 Weight: 9-4
6 (5) Awesome Rock (IRE) 14 T:R Ingram J:P Hanagan Form: 653255 Age: 6 Weight: 9-3h
7 (10) Happy Jack (IRE) 21 T:M Wigham J:S W Kelly Form: 430035 Age: 4 Weight: 9-1b
8 (3) Sakhra 19 T:W M Brisbourne J:T P Queally Form: 466534 Age: 4 Weight: 9-1b
9 (7) Wannabe Magic 14 T:G Deacon J:R Kingscote Form: 000-848 Age: 4 Weight: 9-1
10 (11) Rum Swizzle 6 T:H J L Dunlop J:Cam Hardie Form: 602232 Age: 3 Weight: 9-0
11 (9) Kachou 8 T:I Furtado J:P C O'Donnell Form: 66431 Age: 3 Weight: 9-0p
12 (4) Cafe Caprice 21 T:E F Vaughan J:L Morris Form: 75500 Age: 3 Weight: 8-7b1
13 (1) Street Art (IRE) 18 T:M Murphy J:K T O'Neill Form: 085 Age: 3 Weight: 8-5

Betting Forecast: Kachou (3/1), Rum Swizzle (9/2), Layla's King (5/1), Happy Jack (6/1), Nouvelle Ere (8/1), Sakhra (10/1), Osgood (12/1), Awesome Rock (14/1), Wannabe Magic (16/1), Cafe Caprice (33/1), Fine Tune (33/1), Mighty Thor (33/1), Street Art (33/1)

Post your main and reserve selections, remembering to add which
type of bet you want to apply to your picks......
either Win Only
(W), Each Way (EW) or Place Only (P).
OR to post a Double Stake bet, add one of the following bet types
to your selections instead:
2W or 2EW or 2P

Please be aware that to be in with a chance of winning one of this month's prizes (10 1st & 5 2nd)....
Players MUST....
a) Participate in AT LEAST 16 of the 31 days of the game, INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE of the LAST FIVE days of the game
b) Finish the game with a POSITIVE (+) bank balance
Your Double Stake Bet allowance will be reduced by ONE each time you 'clock up' 5 days absence from the game.

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Each player may DOUBLE THE STAKES on up to SIX of their bets throughout the duration of this month's game.
All other stakes remain as normal 1pt Win, 1pt Place & 1pt EW.

ANY BET that is intended to be a Double Stakes bet (either a main selection OR reserve pick) MUST be posted as above. If the bet fails to include the '2' it will be treated as a normal 1pt Win, 1pt Place or 1pt EW.

Please note: the 6 Double Stake bets are optional.
Play either none at all OR any number you like UP TO A MAXIMUM of 6.