I'm selling my rakeback poker affiliation business.

During the last year we have averaged around $15k a month in profit from around 100 pro and semi pro poker players who play under our revshare affiliate deals on a mixture of sites. We have strong ties with our players many who have been with us for years.

We have contacts of another 2000 players from all around the world who have played under our deals over the years. Nearly all of the contact is done through Skype. Theses contacts have not been approached in a while.

We have top deals practically on every pokersite, from the well known ones and on to local/regional under the radar sites or new crypto based sites. We have sub-affiliates under us on certain deals.

I do not personally do any day to day work in the business. My partner who has been with me for many years and has an excellent relationship with our players runs the show. He is interested in staying on board which means this could be a totally hands off investment if one wanted so.

I'm selling because I've done very well in 2017 and want to shift my focus entirely in a different direction.

Seeking $360k for %100 of the business. My highly reputable partner is considering buying part of it so I'm open to receiving offers for %25 and above.

Happy to provide many more details for serious buyers, PM is best for starters.

p.s. We also have a poker staking business for sale which could also be hands off.